Nordic Indoor Championships 2024378 Tilmeldinger

Regatta Dato: 2024-03-02

Der er lukket for tilmelding til denne regatta


March 2nd - Attention

We are not able to access the mailbox [email protected] at the moment.
Therefore. Please forward/send all email with weigh-in information to [email protected]

Live streaming



March 1stLobby codes / Race secrets are now ready

Link to Homerace and Webcam links are now ready! Homerace secrets

February 29th - Lobby codes

The start list has been syncronized with Time-team, unfortunately the lobby codes can't be exported at the moment. We hope to get this issue resolve tomorrow morning. Updates will follow here and in emails sent from [email protected]
Kind regards, Søren Madsen

February 26th - Combined races

As stated in the invitation, we will create a combined race, if a Masters race does not have at least three entries. Below are the lists of races that will join the combined races.

  • Women Masters: 141(2),151(1), 156(2), 161(2), 166(1), 171(1) & 175(1). A total of 10 rowers.
  • Mens Masters: 241(1), 256(1), 266(1), 272(1), 275(1), 276(1), 280(2), 281(1), 285(1) & 286(1). A total of 11 rowers

A start list will not be available until late Tuesday 27th.

February 17th - Additional Information

We have has some questions regarding the 6k, relay race and the handicap races.

Race 101 will be two seperate races. One for women (101-w) and men (101-m) respectively.

A combined handicap race When a competitor is in this race, then it is required to submit the rower weight to [email protected].
The time handicap is then calculated based on gender, age and weight. These times are added to the result after the race is over. Everybody will start at the same time

Relay is 4x500m. The transition zones are at 500m, 1000m & 1500m (transition must happen within ±50m). The relay is also a a handicap race. All participants needs to weigh in

Link to localized information (pdf)

Dansk -  English -  Suomalainen Føroyskt -  Deutsch -  Norsk -  Svenska

I år tilbyder vi løb på 6K, 2K, 1K, 100m, 200m samt holdstafet. 

  1. 6K open = Hvis der er flere end 8 kvinder tilmeldt, opdeles løbet i en kvinde og en herre klasse med hver sine vindere. 
  2. 6K handikap = deltagerne bliver korrigeret for alder, køn og vægt. Hvis der er flere end 8 kvinder tilmeldt, opdeles løbet i en kvinde og en herre klasse med hver sine vindere.
  3. Paraløb = opdeles i henholdsvis kvinder, mænd. Fast sæde samt rullende sæde. 
  4. Stafet = 4 x 500m. 4 roere + 1 romaskine.  

BEMÆRK: Ved færre end 3 deltagere i et mastersløb, overflyttes deltagerne til et mastersløb for kvinder henholdsvis mænd. Her bliver deltageren korrigeret for alder og vægt.


Aldersklasser og pris for deltagelse

BetegnelseRoerens alderPris DK kr. Sprint Stafet
Junior E U11 80,- 60,- 200,-
Junior D U13 80,- 60,- 200,-
Junior C U15 80,- 60,- 200,-
Junior B U17 110,- 80,- 300,-
Junior A U19 110,- 80,- 300,-
Senior B  U23 150,- 80,- 300,-
Senior Åben 150,- 90,- 400,-
Para Roere med handikap 150,-    
Masters +27 150,- 90,- 400,-

Alle priser er excl sædegebyr




There will be no crew manager meeting at this regatta.

Adresse: Online Regatta, -, 0 -

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